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About Matrix
Who we are.                               What we do.

Located near scenic Niagara Falls, Matrix Systems has been providing cutting edge technology solutions to manufacturing and distribution companies for nearly two decades. Our real-world  project experience in centralized printing, track & trace, inventory control and automated pallet labeling systems has transformed us into one of the few companies that possesses the diverse skill sets and abilities required to take a production or warehouse project through to completion.

Since its inception in 1993 Matrix has always focused on three major areas that our manufacturing and distribution clients have consistently asked for:

Packaging Production Automation - "Help us do more with less and with less errors." 

Customer / Government Mandates - "Help us to automate product tracking and product marking." 
Inventory Control - "Help us reduce inventory levels while improving order accuracy and timeliness." 

These key areas continue to be pain points for all manufacturing and distribution companies. Today more than ever companies need to properly address these liabilities in order to stay competitive and retain existing clients.

Our primary goal is to provide customer configurable systems that don't require high level expertise such as programmers or engineers to manage them.