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Automated Pallet Labeling
Apply the Right label.          At the right time.   Every time.

Eliminate costly pallet labeling and finished goods reporting errors!

Many companies have historically underestimated the complexity of creating a truly accurate automated pallet labeling and scanning system.  The lack of an off-the-shelf solution forced manufacturers to struggle with limited PLC solutions to satisfy pallet labeling requirements.  Experienced companies soon understood that PLCs are not designed to handle the complexities of large scale data-manipulation and modern scanning and printing systems.  Until the advent of the Matrix PES Pallet Labeling System, there were few viable alternatives.

To satisfy mission critical automatic pallet labeling requirements, Matrix created an industry leading, comprehensive, and flexible solution.  Our system fully integrates with existing PLC and ERP systems and provides automatic label generation and application, serialization, associative scanning, workflow enforcement, and much more. Simply stated, Matrix can automatically apply the right label to the right pallet at the right time...every time!

Don’t settle for archaic systems. Contact us via phone (716) 504-9700 or email to understand more about our solutions. Through our subject matter expertise and consultation Matrix will help make your project ROI the best it can be!