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Pepperidge Farm®         Automated Pallet Labeling








About Pepperidge Farm® 
Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated exceeded $1 billion in sales in 2001 and ranks in the top 2 percent of brands worldwide in brand equity.

From their humble beginning in Margaret Rudkin's kitchen in 1937 to ther multinational corporation they are today, Pepperidge Farm® has changed a great deal, but one thing has never changed: their commitment to quality. Their widely recogonized and delicious products such as crackers, cookies, breads and cakes are manufactured across the US in their state of the art facilities.

The Business Need
As Pepperidge Farm® grew over the years, so did their capacity and efficiency requirements. Pepperidge realized it was time to simplify and automate the manual process of palletizing and pallet labeling.

In addition to their palletizing upgrades they had also determined that their existing ERP software also required an overhaul. To that end they concurrently selected and installed SAP® which introduced new data interfacing requirements for a seamless interaction of process orders and finished goods data.

The Matrix Solution
Following a rigorous selection process, Pepperidge Farm® settled upon the most flexible and feature rich solution on the market. That solution was The Matrix Packaging Execution System, an all-encompassing system which could fulfill their needs today as well as protect their investment and allow for functionality expansion well into the future.

Matrix created a cohesive and streamlined system by tying the case labeling solution to the pallet labeling solution, utilizing the intelligent Matrix software to interface with line devices (PLCs, printer applicators), and incorporating SAP® business intelligence. This system drastically reduced labor costs and virtually eliminated costly labeling errors.


Results and Benefits  

  • Eliminated SAP® finished goods commit errors.
  • Eliminated Mis-labeled products.
  • Increased inventory accuracy.
  • Substantially reduced labor.