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Sahlen Packing             SQF Traceability




About Sahlen Packing
Sahlen Packing Company was founded in 1869 in Buffalo, NY as a family business. They manufacture one of the most widely recognized brands of hotdogs and hams in all of Western NY.

Today, Sahlen's has grown from its Western New York roots to offer "Old Fashioned" Smokehouse Ham and Turkey Breast in over 15 states.

At their company headquarters in Buffalo, NY, they operate a state-of-the-art processing facility which is continually updated and expanded to satisfy customer demands for their premium quality meat products.

The Business Need 
For well over a century, Sahlen had developed a very robust paper-based lot tracking solution. However, as times changed their clients demanded SQF compliance and more real-time data. With a paper-based solution, real-time data was not possible as the data had to be manually recorded and then entered into a spreadsheet. This left room for clerical errors and untimely reporting.

The Matrix Solution
Following a rigorous selection process, Sahlen settled upon the most flexible and feature rich solution from Matrix that could fulfill their needs now as well as protect their investment well into the future.

Since Sahlen Packing needed to comply with an SQF traceability mandate, they would need to track the receipt of raw materials and associate them to production batches and case level finished goods through the warehouse and to the customer.

The immense amount of data that needed to be accurately recorded throughout each process was made simple and seamless by leveraging a combination of the Matrix Packaging Execution System along with the Matrix Warehouse Management System.

Results and Benefits

  • Brought customer into SQF traceability compliance.
  • Automatically captured and tallied catch-weighted items.
  • Automated their lot traceability.
  • Automated shipping and billing processes.
  • Drastically reduced labeling errors.
  • Interfaced with their Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP.
  • Enabled user accountability and tightly enforced workflows.
  • Provided real-time production reporting.
  • Provided a means for data collection such as scrap.